I’ve previously mentioned my interests in (1) amplified events, such as recent IWMW events; (2) being open and willing to share one’s experiences with others in the sector and (3) the potential for the JISCPress service (and the digress.it WordPress plugin and community).

Bringing together these three areas of interest I am pleased to announce that a draft version of a document entitled ‚ÄúOrganising Amplified Events: A Report Based on UKOLN Experiences” is now available for comments on the JISCPress site.

As indicated by the title this report summarises UKOLN work in both organising and participating in a range of amplified events over the past few years.

The report is at a draft stage and so there is an opportunity for comments to help shape the final structure of the document.

I was also interested in gaining experience of uploading a report to the JISCPress service. Although, as I described recently, I had been told that it could take a couple of hours to make a document available in JISCPress I found that it took less than 10 minutes ūüôā ¬†I simply copied the individuals sections of the document from the MS Word file and pasted the contents into the WordPress blog interface. I used the Chrome browser and was pleased that there were no Microsoft HTML extensions included in the post – an irritation I have encountered previously when copying MS Word documents into Web interfaces. The JISCPress site also maintained much of the formatting provided in the original MS Word file, including headings, bulleted lists and bold and italicised text – all that seemed to be missing was various instances of indented text, the occasional missing hypertext links and a couple of instances of text in colour. ¬†These were added to the JISCPress post afterwards.¬†I ¬†should mention, though, that the original document did not include any tables or images – I have been told that it’s the processing of these objects which can be time-consuming.

The final report will be available under a Creative Commons licence Рso feedback provided using JISCPress can help to improve the quality of the final report not only for those who read the document but also for those who wish to reuse the content.  I therefore hope there will be lots of useful comments and suggestions.