On my final night in San Sebastian I tweeted:

I must admit San Sebastian is a beautiful place. But will be leaving tomorrow to go to Bilbao. Bus or train, which is best, I wonder?

A few minutes later @maturanaricardo (Ricardo A. Maturana) responded unambiguously: “Bus!

And a few minutes later I received another response, this time from @pintxolari who not only confirmed Ricardo´s suggestion but also provided links to the bus timetables: “definitely go by bus. ALSA http://ow.ly/2CsSd or PESA http://ow.ly/2CsSV are the bus lines“.

Ricardo had a vested interest in my trip to Bilbao as we had a meeting arranged for the following day.  The @pintxolari Twitter account, in contrast, seems to be owned by the ToDoPintxos service which provides a guide t0 pintxos (Basque tapas).  But its remit seems to also include provision of travel advice to visitors to the Basque County.

A good example of social search, I thought.  And it makes me realise how useful Twitter can be when travelling abroad.