Back in 2004 Lawrie Phipps, Elaine Swift and myself published our first paper on Web Accessibility: “Developing A Holistic Approach For E-Learning Accessibility” (which is available from the University of Bath institutional repository in HTML, PDF and MS Word formats).

Since then myself and a growing number of accessibility researchers and practitioners in the UK and Australia have built on this work through the publication of the following peer-reviewed papers.

No. Paper Details Access
1 Developing A Holistic Approach For E-Learning Accessibility Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology 2004 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
2 Forcing Standardization or Accommodating Diversity? A Framework for Applying the WCAG in the Real World W4A 2005 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
3 Implementing A Holistic Approach To E-Learning Accessibility ALT-C 2005 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
4 Holistic Approaches to E-Learning Accessibility ALT-J 2006 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
5 Contextual Web Accessibility – Maximizing the Benefit of Accessibility Guidelines W4A 2006 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF
6 Using Context To Support Effective Application Of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Journal of Web Engineering 2006 Repository item:
Not currently available from repository
7 Accessibility 2.0: People, Policies and Processes W4A 2007 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
8 One World, One Web … But Great Diversity W4A 2008 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
9 Reflections on the Development of a Holistic Approach to Web Accessibility ADDW08 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
10 Web Accessibility 3.0: Learning From The Past, Planning For The Future ADDW08 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats
11 Accessibility 2.0: Next Steps For Web Accessibility Journal of Access Services 2009 Repository item:
[PDF] format
12 From Web Accessibility To Web Adaptability Disability and Rehability: Assistive Technology 2009 Repository item:
[PDF] – [HTML] formats
13 Developing Countries; Developing Experiences: Approaches to Accessibility for the Real World W4A 2010 Repository item:
[MS Word] – [PDF] – [HTML] formats

This work is based on the development of a set of ideas which have been validated through peer-reviewing processes. However there is a need to synthesise these ideas and make them available in a more understandable format in order that the approaches can be implemented by policy makers and practitioners responsible for implementing or commissioning accessible Web services.

I am currently finalising a briefing paper on “Holistic Approaches to Web Accessibility” which aims to provide this summary to these audiences. The draft version has been temporarily uploaded to the Scribd repository in order to facilitate sharing and provide an additional area for receiving feedback.  In addition the briefing paper is also embedded below.

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The abstract for the briefing paper states:

Providing Web services which are widely accessible to users with disabilities can be challenging. Web accessibility guidelines provide a useful starting point but the increasing diversity of ways in which the Web is used, differing user requirements and the variety of ways of accessing Web resources there is a need to avoid the simple ‘checklist’ mentality. This briefing paper describes a holistic approach to Web accessibility developers by researchers and practitioners in the UK and describes how these approaches relate to the BS 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice.

The briefing paper summarises the holistic approaches to Web accessibility which have been developed at UKOLN in conjunction with accessibility researchers and practitioners in the UK and Australia and describes how such approaches can relate to the BS 8879 Web Accessibility Code of Practice in particular in the context or institutional repositories and amplified events.

Your comments and feedback are welcome.