The Event Amplifier blog has a post entitled “Color and Elastic Networks” which explores the idea of an “elastic network“. The post introduces this term in the context of a new iPhone app called Color.  As is suggested on the blog post despite some critical comments on the Apple app store this app could have a role to play in helping to develop networks in the context of an event. I tried it on Monday night at a small music venue but as there were only two of us who were using the app it didn’t provide any added value.  But if you are attending a larger event and there are significant numbers of people using the app I do wonder whether it could help to engage people by sharing photos in the way that a Twitter event hashtag enables people to share experiences in bursts of 140 characters?

Tomorrow (Thursday, 12 May) I am attending the Eduserv Symposium on “Virtualisation and the Cloud: Realising the benefits of shared infrastructure“. The event hashtag is #esym11 and, based on last year’s experiences (with, according to Summarizr, 1256 tweets from 190 twitterers) we can expert to see a large amount of tweets about the event.  Since many of the attendees are likely to have an iPhone (or iPod Touch) – the Android app has not yet been released – might this provide an opportunity to evaluate the potential of a location-based social photographic sharing app?  Note that if the function of the app is unclear you may wish to  view the accompanying video clip.