A post on How Higher Education Uses Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] published two hours ago by Mashable.com provides an infographic on how US universities are using social media services.

Much of the content is based on bland summaries of how the services are being used: “Class announcements and discussions are shared on sites like Twitter” and unsurprising statistics: “Facebook is the most used social media tool in higher education”. However there were also some more detailed statistics, including the following information of the top social media colleges according to Student Adviser.

But how do these figures compare with leading UK universities? The findings for the five highest ranked UK universities according to the Sunday Times university guide for 2011 (as listed in Wikipedia) are listed below.

Institution Facebook Hubspot Twitter YouTube
University of Cambridge 128,310  –  27,399 2,341,548
University of Oxford 398,203  –  31,029     95,628
Durham University    8,785  –   1,980   256,933
LSE 38,730  –   4,660     91,964
University of Bath   37,744
 –  10,440     48,697

As the original article is an infographic, it would be inappropriate to  comment on these findings further 🙂