The JISC Observatory is provided by UKOLN and JISC CETIS to “systematise the way in which the JISC anticipates and responds to projected future trends and scenarios in the context of the use of technology in Higher & Further Education, and Research in the UK“.

The JISC Observatory is responsible for commissioning reports which cover areas of IT which are felt to be of significance for the higher and further education sector.  Last year a report on “Augmented Reality for Smartphones” written by Ben Butchart, EDINA was published.  Last year we also commissioned a report on “Delivering Web to Mobile” which is being written by Mark Power, JISC CETIS.  As described on the JISC Observatory blog a preview version of this report is now available (in PDF format).

This report looks at the growth of mobile, the state of the Web and gives an overview of approaches to delivering content and services optimised for the mobile context. This includes approaches to Web design for responsive sites, leveraging access to device functions and capabilities and the use of Web technologies to build mobile applications.

This preview version of the report is being made available for a period of 1 month to allow for public comment and feedback. A final version will be produced shortly after the 23 March 2012, which is the last date for submitting comments which will be addressed in the final updates.

Please use the comments facility on the JISC Observatory web site for providing comments. Comments of any nature are welcomed but particularly those pointing out: significant omissions in your view, technical errors or confusing passages.

For the “Augmented Reality for Smartphones” report published last year, during the review process science fiction writer Bruce Stirling commented on the report on the Wired online magazine:

This is a fine piece of comprehensive research work. If you’re an AR developer or content guy, you’re gonna want a printout of this lying around, so you can brandish it at people. You’ll look like you know what you’re talking about!

We hope that our latest report is as well-received.  However since this comment related to a preview release, the link provided to the report on the Wired web site was not to the final version.  If you do wish to publish a link to this report, please link to the accompanying blog post, which provides a context for the report, rather than linking directly to the PDF file.