The Institutional Web Team Blog Aggregator

IWTB: Institutional Web Team blog aggregator

The Institutional Web Team Blog Aggregator was announced at the final session of the IWMW 2011 event held at the University of Reading.

The aim of the service was to provide a centralised location which aggregates blog posts provided by institutional Web teams, by individuals who post primarily about their work in supporting institutional Web services or by others who support members of the institutional Web management community.

In a post on “Sharing Job Information More Effectively” I gave an example of one additional use case was for ensuring that members of Web teams at other institutions could easily find details of job vacancies.

However it’s probably fair to say that use of blog technologies as a simple mechanism for letting others know about the work being carried out in Web teams, plans for new areas of work and more generic medication online general sharing of information hadn’t taken off to the extent to which I had hoped.

Advance Notice of Closure

In light of the forthcoming cessation of UKOLN’s core funding we are in the process of archiving our digital content and, where appropriate, shutting down services.

This post provides notification of the closure of the Institutional Web Team Blog Aggregator. It should be noted that this should not mean the loss of significant content – the aggregator is a collection of blog content published elsewhere. If people find this aggregation of content useful I suggest that you visit the IWTB blog while it is still available, make a note of the RSS feed for blogs of interest to you and add them to your own blog reader.

Note that we cannot guarantee that the service will continue to be available after 30 June.