OR 2013 paperIn a recent post on “SEO Analysis of Institutional Repositories: What’s the Back Story?” I summarised a paper which had been accepted for the Open Repositories 2013 conference. In addition to that paper, which was presented as a poster, a paper on “Developing the Repository Manager Community” was also accepted.

As described in the abstract:

This paper describes activities which have taken place within the UK institutional repository (IR) sector focusing on developing a community of practice through the sharing of experiences and best practice. This includes work done by the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR) and other bodies, together with informal activities, such as sharing the experience of organising Open Access Week events. The paper also considers future work to be undertaken by UKCoRR to continue developing the community.

Although I had two papers accepted for the conference in light of the costs of travel to Prince Edward Island, the venue for the OR 2013 conference, I did not feel I could justify travelling to the conference three weeks before being made redundant. However Yvonne Budden, my co-author, will be presenting the paper later today.

I feel that the work described in the paper on the growth of an community of practice will become of greater importance in light of changes in the Jisc and their moves away from community-building through the funding of projects in areas such as institutional repositories. There will therefore be a need for bottom-up approaches to sustainable community-building, as described in the paper.

The paper is available in PDF format from the ResearchGate repository. In addition the slides used by Yvonne Budden in the presentation are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

[slideshare id=24134570&doc=or2013-community-20130711-v2-130711055541-phpapp01]

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