Open Practices for Researchers

Title: Open Practices for Researchers

Speaker: Brian Kelly

Event: Closing talk at the Research and Innovation Conference 2014 at the University of Bolton

Date and time: 14.45-15.45 on Friday, 20 June 2014

Venue: Room D1-038/040/042, Deane Campus, University of Bolton

Background: The conference is a cross disciplinary event, aiming to promote and celebrate the research that is taking place within the University’s Research Institutes and Academic Groups.  The conference is free to attend and open to everyone.


What are open practices and how can they help researchers? In the closing talk at the Research and Innovation Conference Brian Kelly, the Innovation Advocate at Cetis, IEC, will describe how use of open access repositories for publications and data together with use of social networks can provide benefits for (1) engaging with and developing one’s professional networks; (2) maximising awareness of one’s research outputs and thus, potentially,  citations for the research and (3) dissemination to a wider audience.

The talk will provide an opportunity for questions and discussions. In addition to the evidence of use of such approaches which Brian Kelly will provide Sarah Taylor, the Electronic Resources Librarian at The Peter Marsh Library will describe the support which the Library can provide.


The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

In addition a backup copy of the slides is available on Authorstream.