The Lanyrd Social Event Directory

The following posts have been published on the UK Web Focus on areas relating to the Lanyrd, “a conference directory website created by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and launched in 2010” which “compiles blog posts, photos and other coverage from events and keeps it organised by session and speaker“.

Summary: Four posts published between November 2010 and August 2012 have described the development of the Lanyrd service since shortly after its launch and commented on its potential for finding conferences of interest, for raising the professional profile of speakers and, potentially, for providing a central web site for events.

  • Developments to the Lanyrd Service, 3 November 2010
    This post, published shortly after Lanyrd’s launch, introduced the service and described its potential in providing a resource discovery service for events.
  • Further Thoughts on Lanyrd, 11 November 2010
    A follow-up post described use of Lanyrd for the IWMW 2010 event and how its use by speakers at the Online Information 2010 conference might be useful in raising the professional profile of the speakers.
  • Why Would You Not Use #Lanyrd For Your Event?, May 2012
    This post describes how Lanyrd has been used to provide information about the IWMW 2012, explains the reasons why an IWMW Lanyrd collection was created to cover all IWMW events, and summarises possible benefits of using the service.
  • Lanyrd Gets Even Better – But Can It Provide The Main Event Web Site?, 8 August 2012:
    Summarises developments to Lanyrd and speculates whether it could have a role to play in providing the main Web site for an event.