Developing the Repository Manager Community

Title: Developing the Repository Manager Community

Authors: Kelly, B., Sheppard, N., Evans, J. and Budden, Y.

Conference:  Open Repositories 2013


Kelly, B., Sheppard, N., Evans, J. and Budden, Y., 2013 Developing the Repository Manager Community. InOpen Repositories 2013,  Charlestown, Prince Edward Island.

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This paper describes activities which have taken place within the UK institutional repository (IR) sector focusing on developing a community of practice through the sharing of experiences and best cheap medications without prescriptions practice. This includes work done by the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR) and other bodies, together with informal activities, such as sharing the experience of organising Open Access Week events. The paper also considers future work to be undertaken by UKCoRR to continue developing the community.




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