Let’s Free IT Support Materials!

Title: Let’s Free IT Support Materials!

Authors: Kelly, B., Knight, G., Casey, J. and Guy, M.

Conference:  EUNIS 2005


Kelly, B., Knight, G., Casey, J. and Guy, M., 2005. Let’s Free IT Support Materials! InEUNIS 2005 Conference Proceedings. Manchester: University of Manchester.

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The Open Access movement is promoting the advantages in providing more liberal access conditions to research and teaching and learning resources and is developing a legal infrastructure and associated technologies to support this. This paper argues that IT Services can benefit by adopting a similar approach for IT support materials. A case study is provided which describes the rationale for making the resources developed by the JISC-funded QA Focus project available under a Creative Commons licence and the processes needed in order to implement this policy. The paper concludes by describing the potential for widening this approach to generic IT support materials.



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