RDN-Include: Re-branding Remote Resources

Title: RDN-Include: Re-branding Remote Resources

Authors: Cliff, P., Powell, A. and Kelly, B.

Conference:  WWW 10.


  RDN-Include: Re-branding Remote Resources. Cliff, P., Powell, A. and Kelly, B. InWWW10, 2001-05-01 – 2001-05-05, Hong Kong.

Author Details

The co-authors of this paper are:

  • Pete Cliff, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK.
  • Brian Kelly, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK. ORCID: 0000-0001-5875-8744
  • Andy Powell, UKOLN, University of Bath, UK.

You can view Brian Kelly’s Google+ page. His email address is currently b.kelly@ukoln.ac.uk


The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) has developed tools that allow educational institutions and other organizations to access and display the output from its Web services with their own branding and look-and-feel. This buy viagra cheap paper describes the need for such tools and the architectural approach to their development. A potential application of this approach to the incorporation of news feeds is also given.


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  • Publisher’s copy: [Paper]
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