The Evolution of Web Protocols

Title: The Evolution of Web Protocols

Authors: Kelly, B.

Journal/Conference:  Journal of Documentation, Vol. 55, No. 1 January 1999, pp. 82-95.


The evolution of web protocols, Kelly, B. Journal of Documentation, Vol. 55, No. 1 January 1999, pp. 82-95.

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This paper outlines the evolution of World Wide Web protocols. The paper reviews the original protocols developed for the web, in addressing, transport and data formats. A review of developments of the protocols is given, including developments of web data formats (HTML 4.0, cascading stylesheets and XML), transport (HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/NG) and addressing (URLs). The paper describes how the web initially lacked a metadata architecture and outlines the emergence of a metadata architecture for the web. The paper includes a review of web technologies which have a social impact on our society, including the Web Accessibility Initiative, the Digital Signature Initiative and the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project.



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