Using Networked Technologies To Support Conferences

Title: Using Networked Technologies To Support Conferences

Authors: Kelly, B., Tonkin, E. and Shabajee, P.

Conference:  EUNIS 2005


Kelly, B., Tonkin, E. and Shabajee, P., 2005. Using networked technologies to support conferences. InEUNIS 2005 Conference Proceedings. Manchester: University of Manchester.


The increasing availability of WiFi networks in conference venues is an opportunity to provide additional services for conference delegates and to enhance and enrich the learning experience. This paper reviews experiences of use of networked applications in a conference environment and outlines a number of potentially useful technologies. The paper addresses potential concerns over use of networked technologies including dangers of disruption and distraction, legal and copyright issues as well as the danger of being over-fixated on the technologies themselves, rather than the uses they can provide. The paper concludes by summarising the issues which need to be addressed when considering the provision of networked services in a conference setting.





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