Testimonials for Brian Kelly’s professional activities are available on Brian’s LinkedIn profile.  A number of selected testimonials are highlighted below, which cover testimonials from the web management community, library communityeducational technologists and the Jisc community.

Web Management Community

Mike McConnell, Business Applications Manager at University of Aberdeen:

I first met Brian in 1997 when I idly attended a course on HTML that he was delivering. I was not to know at the time that this would act as a catalyst for me to change my entire vocation. Meanwhile, Brian was busy establishing a nationwide network of education web professionals which flourishes to this day. This network and its associated conferences and subgroups has sustained and developed my career and that of many others. Brian’s relentless enthusiasm and embracing of change is infectious and the value he has delivered to the sector is immeasurable.

Alison Kerwin, Director of Strategic Marketing and Digital Communications at University of York:

I have worked with Brian both in the capacity of a speaker and attendee at the events he has managed and as a colleague at the University of Bath. He is extremely knowledgable and has an infectious passion for what he does.

I have personally learnt a great deal from Brian about the way technology can be utilised particularly by academics. He is fantastic at sharing ideas and encouraging debate and his blog is regularly cited as the place to look for the latest thinking in the technology sphere for HE.

I certainly hope I will have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Gareth Saunders, Web Architect at University of St Andrews:

I first met Brian Kelly over lunch at the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh, only a few days after I started working in higher education and with the web full-time having, of course, been in parish ministry before that. I was immediately struck by Brian’s warmth and enthusiasm for both people and the web… and I still am, seven years later.

My involvement with Brian has mostly been limited to Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) conferences and his occasional dash across the border to join the Scottish Web Folk meetings (meeting of the Scottish university and college web teams) to help guide us through new ideas or thinking about various aspects of the web. Each session that he led, much like his blog, contained a wealth of practical information, insights, heads-ups and clear thinking. I’ve very much appreciated Brian’s professional insights, boundless enthusiasm, honest humanity and sense of humour. Brian is a good person to have and be around.

Nigel Bradley, Desktop Team Manager, University of Northumbria:

For the past 12 years I have enjoyed a rewarding and enlightening relationship with Brian through his work with UKOLN and the HE Web Community.

I’m sure it’s safe to say there’s nobody else who has the same amount of knowledge re the HE sector and Web Delivery.

His enthusiasm, approachability and willingness to share set him aside from anyone else I know in the field – I’ve thought for while his job title should be changed to ‘evangelist’ because that’s what he is!
Any recruiters would benefit greatly by his in depth knowledge of the sector and beyond.

Library Community

Lorcan Dempsey, Chief Strategist, OCLC:

I worked with Brian at UKOLN for several years and since then have watched, and occasionally benefited from, his good work from afar. Brian is a strong communicator and an accomplished networker. Through workshops, presentations, publications and events he has advanced thinking about management and sharing of information in the academic community and beyond. Brian is pragmatic. His views are based on a grounding in his own experience and on interaction with practitioners. He understands how culture, politics and people shape institutions and decision-making, and how technology choices are made in those how to buy antibiotics institutions. This makes him a more valuable advocate and consultant, as he combines inspiration with realistic ambitions. He is adaptable, working with the public library and broader cultural heritage communities as well as the HE community where he has most experience. While his expertise is readily acknowledged he is seen as the trusted colleague, not as the distant *expert*. Brian is reliable and constructive and is always focused on good outcomes, understanding how to work with people to get to those outcomes. Working with him is both pleasurable and productive.

Joe Murphy, Library Futures Consultant:

Brian Kelly truly inspires thought and action toward the future. I had the pleasure of seeing Brian present live and I was blown away by his work on innovation and how well he wove the practical into the thought provoking.

Val Skelton, Editor, Programme Director and Administrator:

Brian Kelly is an invaluable contributor to the annual Internet Librarian International conference. As a member of the conference advisory committee, his advice and guidance is invaluable. His understanding of the cutting edge of technology as well as his vision in understanding how such technologies can be harnessed by our audience, helps ensure that our programme is comprehensive and technically relevant. He is also immensely popular as a speaker, able to communicate the value of new tools and applications to an international audience – as well as to enthuse them to action. Brian is a great communicator, a subject expert and a pleasure to work with.

Educational Technologists

Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at Open University and E-Learning Consultant:

Communicated with Brian a lot over the years via his blog, he’s pushed my thinking in lots of areas. And through this we ran a couple of workshops together (which he did all the hard work for). Smart guy, treads the line between technology enthusiasm and pragmatic application in just the way you need.

Amber Thomas, Service Owner: Academic Technology Support at University of Warwick:

Brian is a fantastic sensemaker, synthesiser, communicator and occasional agitator. His blogging is great and has influenced me a lot. He often anticipates future challenges, and I regularly re-discover posts he wrote several years before that become very immediate. He is full of ideas, and just as strongly interested in change, policy and culture as in particular technologies. I find it particularly useful to talk to Brian when I am at a scoping stage, and I find him to be a great critical friend when I need a fresh perspective on something. He’s a great networker and has formed an impressive community of web managers, he’s also an expert in social media, SEO, and digital marketing. Brian is a great colleague and despite moving on I hope to find opportunities to work with him again.

Jisc Community

Ralph Weedon, Director, JISC Legal at University of Strathclyde:

I have known and worked with Brian since 1999 and I recommend him without hesitation. Brian has always had an enviable breadth & depth of knowledge and expertise, an extensive network of colleagues here in the UK & abroad and the energy and dedication to organise and get things done. He is enthusiastic and engenders enthusiasm in others.

I always find Brian willing to give of his time to me and others however junior or new to the fields he works in, even on matters not central to his role. Both professionally and personally I have found him helpful and considerate and I have always appreciated his guidance.

Adam Cooper, Co-Director CETIS and Reader in eLearning, University of Bolton:

I’ve collaborated with Brian on various topics since 2007 and have valued his experience, expertise, critique and commitment to the spread of knowledge. If you want a thoughtful, often different, and sometimes challenging conversation: Brian is your man!