In my “I’ve a Blog – What Next?” posting I described how I had created this Blog and included it in Technorati. I deliberately did not post details of the Blog on any email lists or inform anyone in order to investigate how the Technorati entry, followed by word of mouth (and, do we have an expression for this, word of Blog) would generate traffic.

Blog statistics The statistics for the Blog on 11 November 2006, 5 days after the first visits to the Blog, are shown.

So what has happened so far? A couple of people (whom I didn’t know) commented on the “I’ve a Blog – What Next?” posting. So there’s a clear advantage in posting an open question and inviting feedback and help.

My former colleague Paul Miller then spotted the Blog (possibly through Technorati? – Paul, can you tell me how you found it?) and emailed Michael Stevens and Phil Bradley, my fellow speakers at the ILI 2006 conference. Phil has commented on this Blog about my Blog as well as (as commented on in an earlier post) Michael in his Tame The Web Blog. Both of these are high profile Blogs – so it will be interesting to see how these posting affect the traffic to my Blog.
Incidentally the Blog is now number two in a Technorati search for ‘UKOLN’, as shown below.

technorati statistics for 11 11 2006

I’ll report on the statistics and comment on possible reasons for changes to the usage pattern in the future postings.