Something I should have done when I launched this blog was to add a stats counter. I’ve now added a Sitemeter stats counter – and you can view the statistics. SiteMeter Statistics

Note that as I can’t include JavaScript code in the hosted version of WordPress, I can’t get details such as referrer fields or on client-side details (colour depth, browser plugins, etc.).

One feature of SiteMeter which I hadn’t noticed before was the mashup showing the location of visitors to the blog (or, more correctly, the location of where a clever piece of software thinks the visitor’s PC is located).

Having an additional usage counter will enable comparisons to be made with the usage statistics provided by WordPress – and will enable visitors to see the statistics, too.

Note that SiteMeter is a externally hosted service, and there are no formal contractual agreements covering their continued provision of their service. However I’ve been using SiteMeter for several years (I wrote an article about the software in the Exploit Interactive e-journal in October 2000), so I’m hopeful it will continue to be around for some time. This posting, by the way, will provide a record of when the software was installed (I installed the code on Sunday 21 January 2007).