Andy Powell alerted me to Warwick University’s presence on MySpace.

Warwick University presence on MySPace

Is this a first for Warwick University or are other universities also doing this?

Is this a sensible way of reaching out to potential students?

Should universities be pro-active in doing this?

Doesn’t it break all sorts of established guidelines such as Web accessibility, design principles, use of corporate logos and visual identity guidelines, etc.?

Isn’t Facebook a better alternative?

Should universities observe what happens and back the winner?

What are the resource implications of doing this?

What are the implications of not doing this?

Personally I have to confess that I don’t like MySpace’s user interface – even for friends such as Adrian Stevenson and the Witches of Elswick, and performers such as Atilla the Stockbroker. But if the service is successful, does this matter? After all, I’m not part of MySpace prime demographic audience.

What do you think? And, perhaps more importantly, does anyone know what the users think?

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