What’s on the Technology Horizon?

Title: What’s on the Technology Horizon?

Authors: Kelly, B.

Conference:  Internet Librarian International (ILI) 2011, London, UK


Kelly, B. What’s on the Technology Horizon? InILI 2011, 27-28 October 2011, London.


We are continuing to see rapid technological developments taking place which will affect those working in the library sector. But unlike the technological developments we saw in the mid-1990s following the release of the Web and its acceptance as a transformative technology, we are now in the midst of significant political and funding changes which will affect the working practices of those working in the information profession. This paper describes recent work sponsored by the JISC Innovation Support Centres, UKOLN and CETIS, which produced a Technology Outlook for UK Tertiary Education 2011-2016 report on technology developments which are felt to have a time-to-adoption horizon of one year or less; two to three years or four to five years. The paper introduces the technologies mentioned in the report and invites discussion on the implications for those working in libraries and as information specialists.

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