I’ve never been a fan of the mystique that you sometime find with Web developers, who like to keep the secret art of development within their own closed community and sometimes belittle small scale development work. “Real programmers don’t use Pascal” was their war cry in the 1980s.

I enjoy pointing out to admin staff that when they develop a spreadsheet, that they are developers. And it’s good when the spreadsheet applications makes it easy to do this.

So I was very interested when I discovered Dapper recently. I’ve looked at the video introduction and played with some of the demo applications (“Dapplications”). Magg, the Movie Aggregator, gives good example of what Dapper can do – in this online drugstore example video clips from a variety of services (Yahoo Video, Google Video, etc.) are integrated into a seamless, attractive looking interface. But hang on a moment, the seamless access to distributed resource was one of the aims of the JISC’s DNER (Distributed National Electronic Resource) , which was later rebranded as the JISC Information Environment.

So has the solution arrived? Does Dapper provide the easy-to-use integration environment for the masses? To be honest, I don’t know. So here’s a challenge for blog readers: see who can create the coolest example with the least effort. And, before anyone asks, the prize – the plaudits of your peers. What more could you ask for 🙂

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