Is this a Blog or a blog? Am I Blogging or blogging? And is the question “Wiki or wiki?” rather than “Wiki or won’t he?”? After over two months of blogging it’s time for me to start to document policies relating to this blog.

From now on I’ll use the lower case version of the word blog: I’m a blogger who blogs on the UK Web Focus blog (and I’ll avoid the Weblog word which hasn’t really caught on).

The title of blog posting will normally be capitalised (for example see the recent The TASI Blog posting). As WordPress converts uppers case words into lower case – such as – this avoids URIs having mixed case).

Similarly I’ll use wiki in lower case – e.g. I use the MediaWiki wiki software. I’ll probably avoid using the word in other forms (so although I may be a blogger who blogs at events, I’m not a wikier who will wiki at an event!)

On the subject of writing conventions I always try to ensure that hyperlinked phrases make it clear what is being linked to. For example I would write “I helped to establish the website-info-mgt JISCMail list. A recent posting on the list talked about the First Company Law Amendment Directive.” – the former link goes to the home page of the website-info-mgt JISCMail archive while the latter links directly to the relevant posting (or thread, if I wanted to include a group of postings).