Following my recent comments on the TASI Lightbox blog I noticed an incoming link from the JISC involve blog. A posting giving a number of links to resources contained an announcement of the OSS Watch team blog. The first posting to the blog was made just before Christmas and OSS Watch team members have begun posting to the blog since the start of the new year.
OSS Watch Team Blog

I think we can expect to see greater use of blogging tools across JISC and JISC Services this year, and possibly blogs set up to support JISC-funded development projects.

It might be useful, therefore, to explore some best practises across this development environment, including issues such as selection of software; purposes of the service; policies covering use of such services; interoperability and searching across related blog services; maximising impact and measuring success.

I wonder if much work has been carried out in this area? Have there been, for example, reports and studies on use of blogs across IT development programmes in other countries?

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