If you are thinking about providing a blog service for your project, your department or your service should you set up a team blog or should the information be provided by an individual or group of individuals, each with the own blog?

If the blog is intended for formal announcements or as a news service, then possibly an anonymous blog would be sensible. Similarly if the task of creating content is to shared across a group, then a team blog would seem desirable.

However a team blog may lack a ‘voice’ or personality and can be difficult to maintain a dialogue and ongoing discussions with the readers of a blog if there are multiple authors. Also asking all team members of a group contribute to a blog could well be counter-productive as writing a blog is not necessarily a skills that everyone will have or will feel comfortable with.

The approach taken at the JISC-CETIS service is to provide a blog environment for CETIS team members to use in ways which reflects their personal preferences and also the areas of work they are involved in and the needs and preferences related to those areas of work. In addition postings which are felt to be of wider interest can be aggregated by the CETIS editor.

Another approach to the aggregation of postings from a number of individual blogs would be to make use of a blog aggregation service, such as Planet, which enables individuals to blog according to their own preferences and for their particular target audience, whilst allowing readers to subscribe to either an individual’s blog or the service’s aggregated blog.

A sensible compromise?