There was a recent posting on the JISC Involve Blog which commented favourably on the Windows LiveWriter blogging tool. I would agree with this sentiment. Windows LiverWriter is a desktop application which can be used to compose blog posting (if, for example, you are offline). One might expect Microsoft software such as this to be usable only with a Microsoft blog. However this is not the case, and it is very simple to configure the software to post to blogs such as WordPress (as I am doing here), Blogger, LiveJournal, etc.

Image of the Windows LiveWriter software

Such tools sometimes have limitations, such as not being able to make use of the complete set of posting options. I’ve found that Windows LiveWriter allows me to select the categories I have set up for my blog, although it doesn’t seem to allow me to do this with Blogger.

Some time ago I looked at a couple of other desktop blogging tools, but they were restricted to posting to a single blogging application. As I have multiple blogs on different platforms I need something like Windows LiveWriter. I’m happy with it. Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

PS After composing this post, I remembered that some time ago I had installed the Performancing Firefox extension which seems to provide similar functionality to LiveWriter. I’ll try it out and report back on my experiences.