How do you ensure that your blog stands out in a page of search results? A well-established way of doing this is to associate an image with your Web site. For a blog the image could be a photograph of the blog author or a relevant icon.

This struck me whilst using Technorati. I noticed how links to my blog from bloggers who have added a photograph when they registered with Technorati stood out from the crowd. In the example shown the small image of the author of the poster on the RIN Team blog and Sam Ruby drawn attention to their comments.

Technorati Search Page
There may be reasons why bloggers may not want to upload a photograph of themselves when they register in Technorati (and related services) – but uploading some form of image (a caricature or an image related to the purpose of the blog, perhaps) might provide dividends. This could also help the end user in remembering blog authors whom they have previously found helpful.